Any items(s)/product(s) that I am given to do for review purposes or are sponsored are clearly marked with an Asterix (*). All the opinions I give are 100% honest and that of my own. I do not get paid to give a false opinion of any item(s) and/or product(s). Any items that I feel are not suited to my blog, they will either not appear on my blog or I will give my reasons why I don't feel like certain items work for me.

Most items that are featured on this blog are bought using my own hard earned money or have been gifted to me by family or friends. As my blog is a beauty/mua blog, I will only accept items to review if I feel they are suitable for my blog. I do not have to or in anyway feel obliged to review any products that are sent to me, but if I feel that they are worth sharing then I will give my 100% honest opinion.

If you are a PR and would like to work with me or send me something to review than drop me an email @

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